Urgent: GM's Pickup Production Halted Amidst Parts Shortage Buzz

Due to an unidentified lack of parts, General Motors suspends pickup production.

GM and Stellantis have increased their inventory in preparation for a potential United Auto Workers strike.

Contracts with GM, Stellantis, and Ford are up for renewal in the UAW; they expire on September 14.

Especially for pickups, which are in great demand, production adjustments impede GM's inventory management efforts.

Midsize trucks and vans will restart on September 5 at the Wentzville Assembly in Missouri.

Mexican facility Silao has been idle for the previous two weeks; production will resume on Monday.

Production at GM's Oshawa Assembly, which was briefly halted in Canada, will restart Friday.

Heavy-duty pickups and Flint Assembly both function normally with no parts problems.