The Enduring Legacy of Tupac Shakur: 27 Years of Unforgettable Impact

Generational voices important, and the deaths of icons like Gaye and Lennon have an impact.

Tragic deaths include the murders of Lennon by a devoted fan and Gaye by her father.

Biggie and Tupac stood for inspiration, truth, talent, and promise.

Deep sadness followed the 1996 murder of Tupac and the 1997 death of Biggie.

Duane Davis, who is suspected of killing Tupac, was detained by Las Vegas police.

As a Black Panther's son, Tupac personified being youthful, talented, and Black.

Tupac was a cultural revolution in activism and filmmaking in addition to music.

Tupac left a lasting legacy; his music spoke for the voiceless.