Surprising Insights on an NFL Star's Difficulty in Forming Bonds with His New Teammates

After missing the 2022 NFL season, Matthew Stafford comes back but finds it difficult to get along with his new teammates.

Rams make extensive roster changes, adding 14 picks from the 2023 draft and 36 rookies.

The podcast by Kelly Stafford reveals difficulties Stafford is unable to relate to younger players.

Stafford remembers the friendship in the locker room and bemoans the present phone-obsessed atmosphere.

Stafford is addressed professionally by his teammates, who see him more as a mentor than a teammate.

Young athletes value their phones over interactions, as Kelly Stafford emphasizes the generational divide.

Stafford, one of the few Rams over 30 and entering his 15th NFL season, is 35.

The Rams' 1956 Super Bowl champions underwent change; youth now commands attention.