Stunning Complaint from Tennis Star Shocks US Open Fans

Grand slam on hard courts, but Greek star Maria Sakkari's controversy over the smell of the grass.

Rebeka Masarova defeated No. 8 seed Sakkari in the first round of the US Open.

Third straight Grand Slam first-round exit for Sakkari, who blames a cannabis odor during the game.

Sakkari noticed a strange smell, which she assumed was coming from a park nearby.

Concerns are raised by the open-air stadium that will be the site of Court 17.

Sakkari accepts the cannabis scent, but insists it had no impact on how she performed.

similar to Nick Kyrgios' earlier US Open accusation regarding marijuana smell.

Concerns about Kyrgios' asthma caused by the scent of marijuana and breathing issues during matches.