Shocking Twist in Season 2 Finale of 'Sex and the City' Sequel Leaves Fans Stunned

In Max's "Sex and the City" follow-up, "The Last Supper" epilogue, letting go is explored through guilt, boundaries, mistrust, and rules.

Expectations, Carrie's word for the day, reflects the unpredictable nature of life's results and possibilities.

The third season of the show, which has been renewed, will premiere in the fall.

With lively characters, sassier brunches, and sexier date evenings, Season 2 brought the show back to life.

Samantha wasn't there, but "And Just Like That..." still embraced its special charm and personality.

The return of Aidan in episode seven rekindled Carrie's memories and caused a retcon of her romance with Big.

With his demand for a 5-year delay, Aidan's reappearance complicated the season and pushed Carrie's limits.

Aidan's reluctance to settle down contrasts with Carrie and Big's development and leads to a mediocre breakup.