Disney Confessions & Unfinished Life Revealed in Miley's New Single

The 30-year-old Miley Cyrus's sad ballad "Used to be Young," which is evocative of her Disney Channel and "Hannah Montana" days, was released.

Song "honors who we've been, loves who we are, and celebrates who we will become," claims Cyrus.

In the music video, the singer, who dedicates the song to her devoted fans, is shown sporting a Mickey Mouse T-shirt.

She thinks back on her former self in the chorus, singing, "I used to be crazy, used to be fun, used to be wild, used to be young."

The lyrics discuss mistakes, development, and accepting the past while also bringing up tattoos and other mistakes.

Cyrus spent 18 months creating the song's aural journey. "Used to Be Young" was written during a period when Cyrus felt misunderstood.

The concept of the song is about looking to the future while equally embracing hope and despair.