Flood Insurance Coverage: Comprehensive Guide to Basement, Rain, Storm Damage

Summer sees widespread flash flooding in areas like New England, southern High Plains, mid-South, and Pennsylvania.

Northeast's heavy rainfall may increase 52% due to climate change by century's end, per researchers.

FEMA offers National Flood Insurance Program; private market also provides options for flood coverage.

Flood insurance is distinct from homeowners insurance, specifically covering direct flood-induced physical damage.

Coverage details differ among carriers; NFIP offers building and contents coverage.

NFIP's building coverage includes electrical, plumbing, furnaces, appliances, carpeting, cabinets, windows, foundations, garages.

It also covers fuel tanks, well water tanks, pumps, solar energy equipment.

Exploring private market options is advised for comprehensive flood insurance.

With flood risks increasing due to climate change, securing suitable coverage becomes increasingly crucial.