Many Boston Celtics women employees have unwittingly been the subject of rumours as a result of the Ime Udoka issue

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 However, after being singled out by numerous online users, one of these women got her name cleared.

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The Celtics have the right to punish Udoka for a full season for violating the team's code of conduct.

Udoka violated the team's code by engaging in an improper intimate but consenting relationship with a team employee.

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Internet sleuths started looking right once to try and find out who the other team member involved in the romance was

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Unfairly thrust into the controversy, Allison Feaster became the target of charges made online.

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According to her LinkedIn profile, the 46-year-old former WNBA player has served as the Celtics' vice president of Player Development and Organizational Growth since 2019.

As a result of the development, the Celtics may end up needing to choose an interim coach for the season.

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