Biles Dominates U.S. Gymnastics: Astounding Lead and Incredible Moves

With 59.3 points, four-time Olympic champion Jones leads American gymnastics, 2.5 points ahead of world silver winner Jones.

Biles performs admirably at the nationals, outperforming her U.S. Classic mark, and strives for an 8-for-8 performance.

Despite a few slight errors, Biles successfully completes the Yurchenko double pike and receives a 9.8 execution score.

Coach Biles compliments Biles' poise under pressure and expresses amazement at Biles' comfort with the Yurchenko double pike.

Biles dominates the uneven bars and scores a score of 14.35, the third-highest mark of the evening.

Biles pulls away from the competition with a dominating lead, placing rivals far behind in the standings.

Third place is now held by Tokyo Olympics alternate Wong, who is followed by Blakely, Sumanasekera, Roberson, and Chiles.

Impressive connection: Biles' parents' gym, World Champions Centre, is represented by four of the top seven gymnasts.