8 activities you can do away from the main parks at Disney World

1.Disney Springs:

Enter the world of Disney Springs' dining, shopping, and entertainment. It's a magical world all to itself, with a plethora of shops, eateries, and live entertainment.

2.Mini Golf Adventures

At Disney's miniature golf courses, you can putt your way through fantastical settings. Families may enjoy fun challenges in Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland.

3.Watercraft Rentals

Rent pedal boats, canoes, or kayaks at specific Disney resorts to go on watery adventures. Experience the pleasure from a different angle as you glide on calm seas.

4.Dining Extravaganzas

Experience the finest meals at the various resort hotels. Each restaurant offers a different gastronomic experience, from character breakfasts to themed feasts.

5.Resort Hopping

Become completely absorbed in the unique themes of Disney's resort hotels. Enjoy the verdant surroundings while taking a leisurely stroll and look for hidden treasures.

6.Spa Retreats

At Senses Spa, pamper yourself with restorative spa services. Relax in serene surroundings and let the stresses of the outside world fade.

7.Trail Exploration:

Explore Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort's beautiful paths. Whether traveling on foot or a bicycle, these trails provide a tranquil haven from the city's bustle.

8.Movie Under the Stars

At a few Disney resorts, take in outdoor film screenings. Spend a romantic movie night under the stars with your loved ones.