Vikings’ Alexander Mattison Discloses Experience of Racial Abuse from Fans Following Fumble in Defeat to Eagles

Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison has revealed the abusive and racially offensive messages he received after the team’s 34-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night.

Mattison, who rushed for 28 yards but lost a fumble during the game, chose to share screenshots of these troubling messages and comments from fans, some of which included racial slurs.

Expressing his disappointment, Mattison called out those responsible on his Instagram account, saying, “I hope the 60+ people who decided to come at me with disgustingly disrespectful messages tonight in DMs and comments really reflect on WTF you say and how it could truly affect someone under my helmet. I am a human, a father, a son. This is sick.”

The 26-year-old running back, drafted in the third round from Boise State in the 2019 NFL Draft, is currently in his fifth season with the Minnesota Vikings. He had a breakout year last season, setting a career high with five rushing touchdowns, and has taken on the role of the team’s primary running back this season following the departure of Dalvin Cook.

Mattison’s decision to speak out about the abusive messages highlights the ongoing issue of online harassment and racism faced by many athletes. It serves as a reminder that professional athletes are not immune to hurtful comments and discrimination, underscoring the need for ongoing efforts to combat online hate and ensure a safe and respectful environment for all individuals, both in and outside of sports.

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