Suspect a Hack? Complete a 1-Minute Google Security Check to Find Out

“Unforgettable Caller: $450K Scam! Learn How to Perform a 60-Second Google Security Check”

“I will never forget the woman who called in to my national radio show and asked for advice after her brother became a victim of an astounding $450,000 scam. Placing trust in the wrong hands, he joined the ranks of countless others who only realize they’ve been deceived when it’s too late.

Abrupt clues start to surface: sent gift card codes, unfamiliar emails nestled in the outbox, or worse yet, a loan notification under your name. Here’s a pro tip: Regularly secure your peace of mind by obtaining your free annual credit report.

Crucial to maintaining your digital safety is keeping an eye on your Google account. In just a minute, you can uncover exactly who is accessing your account – ideally, it should only be you.

Conducting a Quick Security Check: This quick check helps unveil the digital footprints left behind by potential hackers and snoops within your Google account. By identifying and addressing unauthorized access, you can take proactive measures to safeguard your information.

  1. Head to and ensure you’re signed in.
  2. A list of devices accessed within the last 28 days will be displayed.
  3. Click on each device to determine which browser was used for access.
  4. If you spot unfamiliar devices, remotely sign them out.

Detecting Red Flags: Should you encounter devices you don’t recognize, remain composed. Reasons like VPN usage, travel, or borrowing devices might explain their presence. For certainty:

  1. Select “Don’t recognize something?” by clicking on the device in question. also “Sign out.”

Securing Your Account: Prioritize cybersecurity by updating your password. This is a crucial step to prevent unauthorized access. Avoid reusing old passwords or opting for predictable choices.

A Bonus Tip: A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Discover the Google Timeline feature, a digital memory lane showcasing your past travels, routes, and captured moments. Gain insights into your past:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for specific dates or click on the blue bars for detailed information.
  3. Manage Location History to maintain control over your data.

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