Sia reveals she’s had an ‘amazing face lift’ after years of covering her face

Sia is being open about her surgery.

At the 2023 Daytime Beauty Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, the Australian singer acknowledged her facelift while praising her plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Talei.

As a pop star, I often wear a mask and don’t lie about anything. Dr. Talei gave me an outstanding facelift. He’s amazing,” she said, as reported by People and E! News. He is doing a lot of wonderful work, and not just for the world’s pop artists.

Sia said that she always receives compliments whenever she shows people her before and after images. I cherish him. I can’t express my admiration for him enough, the “Chandelier” singer stated.

Before the presentation, Talei said to E! News that he works to give each of his clients a “natural” appearance. “You just respect the anatomy, and that’s the easiest way to keep people natural,” he remarked.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a face lift entails the surgical removal of any outward indications of aging or excess tissue from the edge of the face and repositioning of the remaining skin to create a more youthful appearance. Due to natural aging, the results are not long-lasting.

Sia didn’t say when the procedure was performed.

The pop star’s distinctive blonde wig, which hid most of her facial characteristics for a large portion of her mainstream career, served as a defining feature.

Sia disclosed in a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 that she started wearing the wig to give herself a “little bubble” after quitting drinking.

But now that I’m aware of the situation, she continued, “I think maybe one day I’ll perform with my face out again and have a little fun talking to the audience, being heckled, and getting present again because those shows were really fun back in the day before I had the wig on.” “They were a lot of fun,”

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Sia has previously been transparent about various facial cosmetic operations.

The Australian singer revealed to doctor and author Gabor Maté in 2021 that she “had liposuction twice on my chin thinking I had a double chin and it turned out to be muscles that I use to sing.”

Sia stated, “I was feeling so insecure,” and she also had liposuction done to her stomach. Because I was so insecure, I did it to myself, and now I’m finally stopping,” she said.

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