Lauren Boebert Playfully Quips About ‘Amicable Separation’ from Date After Theater Exit

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., humorously stated that she will not be going on another date with the man she was removed from a musical with earlier this month due to disruptive behavior.

Boebert and her companion were ejected from a Denver theater during the performance for disruptive actions, as detailed in an incident report from the Buell Theater obtained by USA TODAY. The report mentioned that two unidentified patrons received three different complaints, including accusations of vaping, singing, and causing disturbances.

Refusing to leave the venue after being asked to do so, they reportedly made comments like “Do you know who I am?” Boebert, while speaking to TMZ at Washington airport, said, “It’s always challenging when voters are given undue importance. I’m here to bring humor and relieve people’s burdens.”

She humorously added, “In the end, all future date nights have been canceled, and I’ve learned the importance of checking party affiliations before going on a date.” This remark refers to reports suggesting that the man seen in surveillance footage during the incident with her is a Democrat. Boebert admitted to her actions and took responsibility for them.

She mentioned that voters have been understanding about the incident, acknowledging it as a part of her personal life. She also revealed that she and the man have parted ways amicably, describing him as a wonderful person and a great friend. Boebert expressed her best wishes for his future.

Surveillance footage from inside the theater contradicted earlier claims from Boebert’s campaign, showing the pair engaging in physical contact and Boebert vaping. The footage also captured flashes from a phone in Boebert’s hand, indicating that she may have been taking a selfie during the incident.

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