16 Trusted Online Earning Websites In India For (May 2023)

How do Online Earning Websites Work?

1. EarnKaro

EarnKaro Logo

EarnKaro is a deal-sharing platform through which you can partner with 150+ brands like Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, and many more. It is a good way to earn some money whether you are a student, housemaker, or a working professional.

Joining EarnKaro is absolutely free, and no documentation is required. With EarnKaro, you can easily earn up to Rs 30,000 every month by sharing your affiliate links with your friends, family, and network and earning commission every time someone shops from your affiliate link.

EarnKaro has to date, served over 2 million users and continues to grow.

Site Insights:

Launched InApril 2019
Average Site Visitors197K (Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining EarnKaroHere you share affiliate links from top brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Ajio etc, with your friends and family and earn a commission whenever they buy it.
Earning OpportunityRs 50,000 to 1,00,000

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2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense
Google AdSense Logo

Publishers can get money from their online content with Google AdSense. Based on your site’s traffic and content, AdSense matches relevant ads with your website. Advertisers who want to promote their products create and pay for the ads. The amount you make will differ depending on the prices that these advertisers pay for certain ads.

All devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, display Adsense ads. Adsense works with EPC (earnings per click) and CPC (cost per click). Publishers will be paid when users click on the ads that appear on their websites.

How much you will earn from AdSense varies on a lot of factors, like the amount and type of traffic your website receives, the number of advertisers in your niche, the type of content you have on your website, and the position of your AdSense ads.

Site Insights:

WebsiteGoogle AdSense
Launched In March 2003
Average Site Visitors113K(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining AdSenseAdSense provides a content monetization solution where you can show ads to your users through blogs, websites and apps and earn as per the CPC & CPV models.
Earning Opportunity0.2 – $2.5 per 1,000 views

3. YouTube

Youtube Logo

By signing up for the YouTube Partners Program, you can earn money on YouTube. With the help of advertising revenue, channel memberships, super chats, super stickers, channel memberships, merch shelves, and Youtube Premium Revenue, YouTube helps creators monetize their channels. If you are eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund, you may also be eligible for Shorts incentives.

You must have a YouTube channel with more than 10,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public view hours in order to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

Site Insights:

Launched In March 2003
Average Site Visitors3B(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining YouTubeHere you can upload videos that may be related to the tutorials, reviews, games, etc. You can join a partner program and earn per view or you can make money through other channels like brand collaborations and affiliate marketing.
Earning Opportunity0.2 – $2.5 per 1,000 views

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock logo

Enter Shutterstock, a terrific and profitable solution for any artist to establish a passive income stream that generates income even when you’re sleeping. Shutterstock is a global marketplace where photographers can share, sell, and market their services.

Since you can earn up to 40% on a photo, it’s hardly surprising that the Shutterstock platform has paid creators over $1 billion in commission.

The amount you make from Shutterstock varies depending on the tier you’re in, and it rises as you sell more content licenses. For photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos, there are various earning levels.

The most crucial thing when creating content to sell on Shutterstock is that you have complete ownership of the content’s copyright. Additionally, all your work should be original.

Site Insights:

Launched In 2003
Average Site Visitors26M(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining Shutterstock?Shutterstock allows you to license your photos, illustrations, vectors and videos.
Earning Opportunity200$ to 500$/month

5. Upwork

Upwork logo

Finding trustworthy websites where you can connect with possible freelance employers may not be simple. Although Upwork does not directly offer employment, it can help you connect with businesses looking to hire freelancers.

You can provide your services in editing, writing, graphic designing, web development, ghostwriting, accounting, booking, or consultancy. The list is endless. With Upwork, you will be able to earn money based on the hours you spend. You also get the flexibility to set up your price for your work.

To start earning money, identify the skill that you can offer, create a free polished profile, browse jobs, and start sending out proposals. Once you start getting positive reviews, it will become easier to gain new clients.

Site Insights:

Launched InDecember 2013
Average Site Visitors5.9M(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining Upwork?Upwork is an freelancing platform where you can earn by getting freelancing jobs online.
Earning Opportunity$20-25/hr

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

Since its launch in 2016, Swagbucks has gained enormous popularity as a user-friendly website for earning money. You can start making money right away by doing nothing more than watching videos on YouTube and browsing online retailers like Amazon. This choice is ideal for you if you enjoy watching videos and window shopping online. You can also participate in online surveys to win prizes and gifts.

After creating an account, you will have a few daily tasks to complete in order to receive rewards. Depending on the tasks, you can receive the money by bank transfer or in the form of gift cards and coupons.

Site Insights:

Launched In2008
Average Site Visitors1.2M(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining Swagbucks?This is an activity based platform where you can earn money by doing activities like watching videos, browsing and doing other tasks.
Earning Opportunity$1 to $5 a day

7. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace Logo

Users can purchase and sell goods locally or nationwide using the Facebook Marketplace tool. Users can buy and sell both new and pre-owned things, and they can filter their results by region, category, and price. Almost anything can be bought and sold by Facebook users. There are some restrictions on what can be sold on Facebook. The Facebook Marketplace’s commerce policy lists prohibited items. Facebook Marketplace can only be used by sellers who have active Facebook accounts. To earn more, take clear photos, sell bundle items, use keywords that can show up in search results, price your products well and respond quickly.

Site Insights:

WebsiteFacebook Marketplace
Launched In2016
Average Site Visitors36.6M(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining Facebook Marketplace?This is an marketplace provided by Facebook where you can earn by selling products.
Earning OpportunityRs. 20,000 to Rs. 50,000/Month
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In addition to this, we have created this list of top money-earning apps in India, which you can check and let us know which app you like the most.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr Logo

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancing services with affordable providers from all around the world.

Their brand is designed to make hiring or being employed as a freelancer simpler. The hiring, firing, and HR departments’ middlemen are eliminated by the online market. Smaller companies can handle tasks more individually, and independent contractors are free to sell their services to any business at any moment.

Customers can pay in advance for Gigs on Fiverr, which are any digital service, such as transcriptions, NFT artwork, WordPress design, logo design, writing services, and voiceovers. Although all services were initially $5 when the site first began, freelancers are now free to set their own prices and can provide packages or Gig Packages.

Site Insights:

Launched In2010
Average Site Visitors36.6M(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining Fiverr?It is an Freelancing platforms where you can get jobs as your preference and earn,
Earning OpportunityRs. 3.3 lakhs/Year

9. Guru

Guru Logo

Guru.com is an online freelancing marketplace that links companies and people with skilled freelancers, or “gurus.”

Guru.com was started by Inder Guglani in 1998. One of the first internet marketplaces for freelancers, it has had success since its beginning. Guru.com streamlines the process of finding qualified technical, creative, and professional freelancers through the online freelancing market. More than 1.5 million freelancers from across the world are part of the Guru.com network, and they are eager to do high-quality work at reasonable and competitive rates.

Almost any professional service can be provided by a freelancer in return for money. Web, software, IT, design, art, multimedia, writing & translation, admin support, management and finance, engineering & architecture, sales & marketing, legal, and many other specializations are just a few of the millions of distinct services that are offered on Guru.com. Every aspiring freelancer can choose a speciality because there are so many alternatives.

Site Insights:

Launched In2010
Average Site Visitors124k(Ahrefs)
How can you Earn by Joining Guru?It is yet another Freelancing website where you can earn by joining different jobs.
Earning OpportunityRs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000/Month

10. ySense

ySense Logo

On the rewards website ySense, users are compensated for completing small tasks online. These are frequently referred to as GTP sites or get-paid-to sites. It is an international organization that promotes and welcomes market researchers from all around the world.

The company was formerly known as ClixSense and has been around since 2007. Before changing its name in 2019, it was a PTC site (Paid-To-Click). The business stopped offering PTC services in 2019 and now, among other services, makes money from online surveys.

Site Insights:

Launched In2007(Ahrefs)
Average Site Visitors136k
How can you Earn by Joining ySense?Through this platform, you can earn by performing small tasks.
Earning OpportunityRs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,000/Month

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