iPhone 15 can keep its battery healthy for longer if you enable this new feature

The iPhone 15 will let you set a 80% charging limit for your battery — and you’d probably want to use it Another new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro feature has been discovered within the new phones’ settings menu, and it’s one that could help keep their battery in top condition for longer. As explained by The Verge and MacRumors, the … Read more


The iPhone 15 Pro Max has the potential to be the best gaming phone ever, and that’s thanks to the new A17 Pro chip. Yes, Apple’s latest silicon offers 10% faster CPU speed and twice as fast machine learning performance but the all-new 6-core GPU is the biggest deal. You can literally play console-quality games, … Read more


The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s biggest camera upgrade has it playing zoom catch up with the competition, but it arguably surpasses all the best camera phones in overall quality. There’s a larger main sensor for the 48MP camera, which now shoots 24MP photos by default but the Pro Max also lets you choose from 48MP HEIF (to … Read more

Review of iPhone 15 Pro Max: The Pinnacle of Upgrades

Enhanced Titanium Build, Powerful Zoom, A17 Pro Chip, and Smart Action Button Combine for an Exceptional iPhone Experience The iPhone 15 Pro Max stands as a formidable flagship smartphone, introducing an array of noteworthy upgrades. These enhancements encompass a sleeker and more lightweight titanium construction, an expanded 5x zoom capability, and the addition of a … Read more

The AirPods Pro 2 Introduce Lossless Audio Support, but Is It Fully Utilized?

To the untrained observer, distinguishing between the AirPods Pro 2 with a Lightning Port and the recently unveiled AirPods Pro 2 featuring MagSafe Charging and USB-C at Apple’s Wonderlust iPhone 15 event may not reveal any significant design distinctions, except for the conspicuous addition of a USB-C port on the bottom. However, concealed within the … Read more