Charles McGonigal, ex-FBI official, pleads guilty to concealing $225,000 in payments

Washington — Charles McGonigal, a former top counterintelligence official at the FBI, pleaded guilty Friday to concealing his contacts with foreign officials and hundreds of thousands of dollars that he accepted from a former employee of a foreign intelligence service. McGonigal, 55, was charged by federal prosecutors in Washington, D.C., with concealing $225,000 in cash that he … Read more

This week on “Sunday Morning” (September 24)

Cassidy Hutchinson, a member of the Trump White House staff, discusses the cost of speaking out. The former Trump supporter who served as the White House chief of staff Mark Meadows’ senior advisor described herself as “disgusted” after seeing the attack on the Capitol by Trump backers who claimed there had been election fraud. Cassidy … Read more

You can’t overdose on fentanyl just by touching it. Here’s what experts say.

Fentanyl patches are a strong opioid that can result in overdose deaths because they are 50 times stronger than heroin. However, there is very little chance of accidental ingestion or airborne inhalation of fentanyl. N95 or P100 masks offer respiratory protection while suspended in the air. Fentanyl patches should only be handled by qualified specialists, … Read more

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Exp. release 2023, September 22 221g, 8.3mm thickness iOS 17 256GB/512GB/1TB storage, no card slot 95%1,579,384 HITS 243BECOME A FAN 6.7″ 1290×2796 pixels 48MP 2160p 8GB RAM Apple A17 Pro 4422mAh Li-Ion PRICES PICTURES COMPARE OPINIONS Versions: A3106 (International); A2849 (USA); A3105 (Canada, Japan); A3108 (China, Hong Kong) NETWORK Technology … Read more


There’s actually not that much new with the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s display, with the exception of thinner bezels around the 6.7-inch OLED panel. Apple says you still get 1,600 nits of peak brightness and 2,000 nits outdoors. The ProMotion display continues to offer 120Hz refresh rates, so you get smooth scrolling and animations. And … Read more

Today, on his birthday, Prime Minister Modi to Inaugurate YashoBhoomi Convention Centre in Delhi

Introduction: On September 17, a significant event is set to unfold in the capital city of India as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC), YashoBhoomi in Delhi’s Dwarka. This momentous occasion, taking place on his birthday, holds great promise for the future of conferences and meetings in the country. … Read more

As the UAW Strike Deadline Approaches, These States Could Face the Greatest Job Losses

If the United Auto Workers (UAW) union were to engage in an extended strike against the major automakers, including Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, it could have a substantial economic impact, primarily affecting ten states. A recent report from economists at the University of Michigan has highlighted the potential for severe job losses in Michigan, … Read more

Jets Triumph in Overtime Thriller on ‘Monday Night Football’ Following Rodgers’ Injury

In a gripping Monday night showdown, the New York Jets managed to secure a 10-point come-from-behind victory against the Buffalo Bills, despite the early exit of their four-time MVP offseason acquisition, Aaron Rodgers, who sustained an injury during the team’s first offensive series. The Jets clinched the win in overtime, thanks to a game-changing 65-yard … Read more

Former 49ers Quarterback Trey Lance Expresses Joy Over Trade to Cowboys, Calling It ‘a Moment That Lit Up My Face’

“Trey Lance, the recently acquired quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, reflected on his underwhelming experience with the San Francisco 49ers, acknowledging that it did not unfold as he anticipated. “It’s not what I or many people had in mind,” Lance shared with reporters on Tuesday. “Yet, I firmly believe that every event has a purpose. … Read more

Valuable Takeaways from ‘Hard Knocks’: The NFL’s Cutdown Day, Broadway Recommendations, and the Lesson of Not Provoking Aaron Rodgers

“Tuesday marked the NFL’s crucial deadline for teams to pare down their rosters to 53 players. Over a thousand aspiring NFL athletes faced disappointment as their dreams of professional football were dashed on this unforgiving day. On the latest installment of ‘Hard Knocks’ featuring the New York Jets, several players on the roster bubble stood … Read more