Breaking Records: Aeroflex Industries IPO Subscribed Fully in Just 1 Hour! Get the Inside Scoop on This Game-Changing Offering!

The opening hour of the Aeroflex Industries IPO saw complete subscription within a remarkably short span. Supported by Ashish Kacholia, this public offering will remain open for subscription until August 24, 2023, and has already garnered over two times the offering by Tuesday afternoon.



The IPO price range for Aeroflex Industries is set at Rs 102 to Rs 108 per equity share, utilizing a 100% book building process.

As part of this IPO, Aeroflex Industries aims to raise Rs 1,620 million through a fresh issue of shares.

The minimum bid lot for the IPO stands at 130 equity shares, with increments in multiples thereof. Additionally, the maximum limit for retail investors is capped at Rs 2,00,000. Market experts have reported that Aeroflex Industries Ltd shares are commanding a premium of Rs 65 in the grey market.

The allotment date for the IPO is scheduled for August 29, 2023.

The IPO, built through the book building process, is poised for listing on both the BSE and NSE. The expected listing date for the Aeroflex Industries IPO is September 1, 2023.

Aeroflex Industries is a specialist in the production of environmentally conscious metallic flexible flow solutions. Boasting an extensive catalogue of over 1,700 products, the company caters to global markets while meticulously addressing a variety of customer needs.

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