A Louisiana fugitive was captured in Mexico after 32 years on the run — and laughs as he’s handcuffed

This week, a 32-year-fugitive from Louisiana was eventually apprehended in Mexico; in a video released by the FBI, he can be seen smirking as he is being detained.

Before a jury in 1991 found Greg Lawson, now 63, guilty of attempted second-degree murder, the FBI claimed. According to federal officials, it was a tip that FBI New Orleans received that led to his eventual capture.

The FBI published a video from the Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Office on Thursday night that depicts Lawson being escorted by law enforcement at an airport. More than three decades after leaving the nation, Lawson can be seen chuckling just before a cop handcuffs the fugitive.

The FBI New Orleans agency announced on social media that a man wanted for attempted murder had been located after a three-decade hunt. Greg Lawson, 63, was back in a Louisiana jail this morning while authorities in Bienville Parish considered their options.

On Tuesday, Lawson was located and taken into custody in Huatulco, Mexico. Immigration authorities and FBI Headquarters collaborated with agents in Shreveport and Mexico to track down and deport Lawson for immigration infractions.

According to KTBS, Lawson had been charged with attempting to shoot Seth Garlington following an altercation at a gas station in 1991. Although Lawson fled the area before a jury found him guilty of attempted second-degree murder, Garlington lived.

In May 1991, the FBI began looking for Lawson, and throughout the following years, it reacted to several tips and reported sightings. The FBI had a long-standing suspicion that Lawson had escaped to Mexico.

“We want to thank our partners and the public in this case, who never gave up hope that justice could be served for Mr. Lawson’s victim,” said Douglas A. Williams Jr., special agent in charge of the FBI New Orleans.

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