5 Little-Known Facts About Princess Diana

Did you know that Princess Diana was a notorious bulimic? Did you know that she also loved guinea pigs and round tables? And did you know that she was secretly involved with Prince Charles? There are many interesting facts about the late princess that you may have never heard of. Take a look below to discover more about the late princess!

Princess Diana’s bulimia

Princess Diana’s bulimia was a secret until the late eighties, when her eating habits were brought to public attention. Although her family knew about her bulimia, the public only learned about it in 1992 when Andrew Morton’s biography of the princess was published. At the time, bulimia was considered a shameful mental health disorder, but Diana was an outspoken advocate for those with eating disorders.

The royal was diagnosed with bulimia when she was a teenager and underwent numerous treatment sessions. She was also frequently binge-eating, which is a common symptom of bulimia. However, she eventually began to regain her health and was able to get her life back on track. After her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana’s condition improved. After each treatment session, Diana felt a sense of empowerment.

Her obsession with guinea pigs

Princess Diana’s love of guinea pigs started in childhood. She kept two of them on her bedside table. The young Princess won first place in the “fur and feathers” section of the Sandringham pet show in 1972. Diana also took her guinea pig with her to her first boarding school. She even became the head of the pet section. She also learned to ride a horse and kept a Shetland pony at her mother’s house on the Isle of Seil.

Diana also had a pet guinea pig named Peanuts, which won two pet shows. Peanuts was even taken with Diana to boarding school, as she loved animals. The animal’s popularity with the Princess was also reflected in the life of Prince Charles, who dated her sister, Sarah Spencer. Prince Charles remembered the young Diana as being full of life and loving animals.

Her obsession with round tables

Diana was a fan of round tables. This type of table was a way for her to interact with her guests. She even ate her lunch at a round countertop in the kitchen. In fact, Diana was so down-to-earth that HRH the Queen once forced her staff to move items off of the stove so she could eat in peace.

Her secret relationship with Prince Charles

Despite the fact that the late Princess Diana died in 1997, she remained close to Prince Charles. They even spent a ski trip together to Klosters, Switzerland, in 1978. However, a journalist spotted the two on the trip and broke the story. Afterwards, she revealed that she had talked to the press about Charles. Charles replied, “That is extremely stupid.” It seems that Lady Sarah did not realize that she had made it easier for Charles to pursue Diana.

Prince Charles and Camilla were friends, but the repeating incidents between them fueled Diana’s suspicions about a romantic relationship. In an interview on BBC Panorama, Diana addressed her relationship with Charles and Camilla. Charles also gave Camilla a gold cufflink with interwoven Cs. Camilla’s friendship with Charles and Diana’s suspicions about a secret romance fueled her jealousy. Diana also told her sisters that she could not go through with the wedding.

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