Settlements for police misconduct lawsuits cost taxpayers from coast to coast

New York City has paid at least $35 million to settle allegations of civil rights violations by police against people protesting the 2020 death of George Floyd. Pasadena, California paid the children of Anthony McLain $7.5 million in a 2021 settlement after their father was killed fleeing a traffic stop. In Texas, San Antonio settled a wrongful death lawsuit in 2022 … Read more

CDC recommends Pfizer’s RSV vaccine during pregnancy as protection for newborns

An advisory panel for the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention on Friday recommended that a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, be given during pregnancy, providing an extra level of protection for newborns against the disease. The panel recommended in an 11-1 vote that Pfizer’s Abrysvo be given during weeks 32 to 36 of … Read more

Feds open investigation into claims Baton Rouge police tortured detainees in “Brave Cave”

The Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation into claims that the police department for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, abused and tortured suspects, the FBI announced Friday. Numerous lawsuits allege that the Street Crimes Unit of the Baton Rouge Police Department abused drug suspects at a recently shuttered narcotics processing center — an unmarked warehouse nicknamed the … Read more

Trump criticized by rivals for calling 6-week abortion ban a “terrible thing”

Former President Donald Trump’s GOP rivals are seizing on his recent comments on abortion as a political vulnerability, after he criticized six-week state “heartbeat” bill bans in Florida and other states and talked about working with “both sides” to find a compromise on abortion limits. “We’re going to agree to a number of weeks or … Read more

Biden says he’ll “join the picket line” alongside UAW members in Detroit

President Biden will join the picket line in solidarity with members of the United Auto Workers union in Detroit on Tuesday, he announced on social media. Mr. Biden likes to call himself the most pro-union president, and visiting striking workers — a highly unusual move for a president — will certainly send a strong message. “Tuesday, I’ll go to … Read more

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy calls on Sen. Robert Menendez to resign in wake of indictment

Washington — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy called on Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez to resign following his indictment on federal bribery charges Friday, joining a growing chorus of fellow Democrats calling for the senator to step aside. Murphy called the allegations contained in the indictment “deeply disturbing” and said they “implicate national security and the integrity of our … Read more

Judge asked to decide if Trump property valuations were fraud or “genius”

Did former President Donald Trump commit fraud when he valued properties far higher than appraisers when applying for loans, or was he applying his “investment genius” to the valuations? That question was at the center of a Friday hearing, ahead of a scheduled Oct. 2 civil trial stemming from a 2022 lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James accusing … Read more

Does Congress get paid during a government shutdown?

Washington — A looming government shutdown has hundreds of thousands of federal employees worried that they could go without pay if Congress fails to reach a deal to approve or extend funding for their agencies. Lawmakers must approve more spending by Oct. 1, the start of the new fiscal year, or risk a costly shutdown that could have wide-ranging … Read more